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What Are the Top Reasons a Good Tenant Resigns a Lease?
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What Does Rent Ready Mean?
Preparing a property to rent involves a very intentional process that ensures that you are able to secure the very best tenants possible. Every tenant is a contract relationship, but it’s more. It is potentially a long standing economic and social association that meets both parties needed purposes. For the landlord, a longer tenancy that is happy in their residence means lower turnover and costly refresh expenses. For the tenant, a longer residency means comfort, connection to the community and a sense of belonging. In both cases, it all begins from the way the home is prepared to welcome a qualified prospective tenant.
Always rekey a home after a tenant vacates the property. This avoids some unfortunate unexpected or unintentional consequence from occurring. As the landlord, you don’t know who the former tenant gave a spare key to. Can you imagine the possibility of an innocent home invasion occurrence when a person unexpectant surprise visitor walks into what they thought was their friends former bedroom only to find an unknown new resident, shock or worse! The response could be deadly!!
Everything must function as it was originally designed to work. Safety is critical for tenant safety. The last thing you ever want to hear is that something failed because it was not fixed or repaired properly and a tenant or their child was seriously injured. There is no room for excuses when life safety or functional adequacy is concerned. You must fix, remove or replace any item that does not meet optimal working standards when you lease a home.
This point is critical to securing your best tenant prospect because the quality of a properties cleanliness at the initial viewing is directly proportional to the quality of tenant the property will attract. Clean people will not want to live in anything less than clean. Conversely, a tenant who does not need a clean property will not maintain a clean rental lifestyle either. A PROFESSIONAL CLEANING is essential to ensure the home is adequately cleaned to establish a standard you expect in return.
100% Rent Ready
No showing should occur until all punch items are completed. Unmet expectations over an item that will be resolved soon is not a good precedent to manage after the tenant moves into the property. Your best efforts may not meet their unmet expectations to resolve their perception of what was promised or delivered. Avoid this critical relationship BOMB. If your not 100% ready, don’t allow a prospect to tour the property. Avoid this hazard completely! We hope these points help you understand that being extremely intentional is the best way to manage your investment and your future tenant relationship. At Real Living Home Realty Group, this is the process we follow to make sure all of our clients whether landlord or tenant, receive the best care. Quality matters and our customer service approval demonstrates that we deliver quality service, so everyone involved enjoys life a little more under our care.

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