How Much Square Footage Do Couples Need To Be Happy?

Moving in together is a significant and frequent life-or-death decision for couples. But how much does the size of your apartment actually affect how content you and your partner are when you live together? It appears to be a lot.

Recently, 900 people were polled by the lighting company, Sofary, regarding the expenses and advantages of moving in together. The results revealed that when it comes to square footage, couples do need their space – 1,800 square feet, to be exact.

According to Sofary, those who were content in their romantic partnership typically had 12.8 percent more living space than those who weren’t. According to the study, the size of a home—even just 100 square feet—can determine whether a couple is happy or unhappy.

The average home size for baby boomers was 1,835 square feet, compared to 1,733 square feet for miserable couples. The square footage to happiness ratio was far less constrained for millennials, though. Happy millennial couples shared an area of 1,810 square feet on average, while dissatisfied millennial couples only had 1,566 square feet to call their own.

1. Break up the stay

However, despite the skyrocketing rent prices, most couples aren’t moving in together just to save money. 73.6 percent of surveyed couples decided to move in together because they felt ready to advance in their relationship. However, 45.7% of couples chose to live together because it was more convenient for them to see one another.

While 20% of couples did so to save money on living expenses other than rent, just over one-fourth (28.1%) of couples moved in together to do so.

So, while sharing a small apartment shouldn’t completely deter you from doing so with your spouse, remember that everyone occasionally needs their own space.



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