This Renter Added Warm Paint Colors to Spice Up a Dated Apartment

Location: Silver Spring, Maryland

Type of home: Apartment

Size: 900 square feet

Years lived in 1 year, renting

Credit: Deborah Rouse
Credit: Deborah Rouse

In Silver Spring, MD, you will find a quaint 900-square-foot apartment that exudes warmth and a cozy sense of a “Home Sweet Home” feeling.  When the tenant initially moved in, this apartment wasn’t her favorite because the walls and windows gave the impression that the building was built in the 1950s.

The addition of paint, artwork, and plants had a profound impact. She was hesitant to paint the walls as much as she did but her apartment has changed from a place she tolerated to one that she now enjoys.

Being artistic and somewhat of an introvert, she loved orange and art her entire life. She’s naturally drawn to this color and states that it makes her feel so peaceful. It has a cozy quality, character, and spice. She has incorporated it in the color scheme of the flat even though it may be excessive for other people. The plants perfectly match the hue she feels, plus she adores the striking contrast.

What room is her favorite, and why? By far, the living room is her favorite because she is able to be the most creative there, and she spends most of her time there. It’s also a lovely spot to be when the sun shines on the plants and walls at 4:00 in the afternoon.

What was the latest item you purchased (or discovered!) for your house? The Moroccan Berber rug she bought for the main room is the last thing I purchased.  She exclaimed that it was love at first sight when she stumbled upon it while browsing. The room was greatly warmed by it, and she says that it is also really attractive to look at.

Any suggestions for building a house you love? Whatever gives you comfort and contentment, put that in there. Take the time to design a place where you feel secure and happy since your home must be your haven.

Credit: Deborah Rouse
Credit: Deborah Rouse



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