Renter-Friendly Home Decoration Ideas

Decorating your new rental unit can be the fastest way to make your house feel like a home. While painting and hanging your decor may be tempting, most landlords prohibit dramatic changes to the units (unless you want to lose your security deposit). Fortunately, there are ways to change your rental’s look so it is appealing to you and suitable for your lifestyle without breaking your landlord’s heart or your wallet. Here, we have listed some ways to express yourself in the form of temporary decor items and DIY projects.


Painting the walls may be your first course of action when you move into a new space, however, there is a fun and damage-free alternative to this permanent action. Removable wallpaper can be used to cover an entire room, one accent wall, or cut into shapes for a fresh and unique mural. While you can find a variety of solid color options, we also recommend exploring patterns to add movement to a space. When purchasing this to use for your home, make sure it is specifically made for damage-free removal to ensure your artwork can be left as long or removed as quickly as you and your landlord desire. Wall decals are another option to stylize a home minimally. Wall decals can be used to highlight the special features of your home or to fill a large space with a fun flair. From abstract lines to cartoon dinosaurs, a variety of decals can be found online to match any given room’s style or purpose. Our favorites that reflect the coastal setting of the Grand Strand include palmetto palms, tropical palm leaves, seashells, and sea creatures. The fun thing about decals is you can use them in any room and arrange them in any way you desire, DIY style!


Houseplants are a great way to add natural color to your home, as well as some fresh air! Plants can be placed on your dining room or kitchen table as a lively centerpiece or arranged skillfully on windowsills for an inviting feel. Mix and match sizes to create a fun variety of decor, and experiment with placement to create a focal point for your plants to star in. Your plant collection also does not have to be limited to green; there are plentiful colorful and flowering options to add a pop of color to your space. You can also dress your plants up by planting them in stylized pots and planters that match your aesthetic – just make sure that the size and drainage are optimal for your plant’s health. It is important to research plants before purchasing to understand how well they will fare in their new environment. Some easy-to-grow houseplants include ZZ plant, snake plant, spider plant, pothos, succulents, and bamboo. Experts recommend buying your plants from a local garden center so specialists can inform you how to properly care for your plant to avoid bugs and plant diseases. Experts also recommend only purchasing a few plants at once to ensure you have the time to tend to each plant to ensure they thrive before adding more members to the indoor garden. Plants are the perfect way to make your new environment feel fresh and clean. 


Lighting preferences range from dim and cozy to bright and airy, and your unit can reflect either with the addition of lamps or temporary window clings. If you want to allow natural light to enter your space but don’t want the heat along with it, window films are an alternative to curtains and blinds that can offer privacy and energy-saving benefits. A translucent film can be used to filter harsh natural light into a softer glow during the day. You can also choose from a variety of artistic options including decorative styles and patterns to customize your space. The great thing about temporary window cling films is that they can be used anywhere to filter the light and add some style to your glass. If you are seeking to keep light out, blackout film may be an option. This film provides both darkness and privacy by appearing reflective from the outside and black on the inside. To brighten your home at night without the harsh overhead lighting, consider adding soothing lighting with floor or table lamps. Lamps come in a wide variety of shapes, styles, and sizes, so they are decorative items in themselves. The number of lamps and their brightness can be adjusted depending on your desired lighting atmosphere.


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