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Rental Property Safety
rental property safety

Property Evaluation:

Safe, sound, and sanitary are keywords that should guide every owner when evaluating critical issues when leasing a property.  This inspection is part of our Property Management Evaluation Process when we consider bringing a new property under our company’s management.

We will evaluate a property to make sure that residents leasing the property will have adequate door and window locks. This ensures that they operate as designed to restrict intrusion from the world outside and allow emergency escape. We provide this report to you to establish a validation of the homes essential elements to secure these qualities.  If adjustments or improvements are needed, it is much more cost effective to do the repair, replacement or a deep cleaning before a tenant occupies the home.

Tenant Evaluation:

Our client tenants meet strict qualifying criteria of sufficient income, credit and references.  This is why they usually rent for 2-4 years before moving.  That kind of retention rate improves your long-term rental income.  They expect that these three words are met as a given before they move past the front door. Appearance, appeal and style are the qualifying criteria they make judgement around when assessing how your property meets their lifestyle. The qualified tenant prospect expects solid, reliable structures that are well maintained and project their shared identity in appearance, smell and appeal before they will consider a property to rent.

The original condition of a property is what you should expect to receive in return when they vacate your property. Providing them with a quality environment allows you as the landlord to have minimal cost of restoration when it comes time to make the home market ready for the next family.  Our bi-annual inspections ensure that the tenant maintains the property condition and cleanliness. If, during our inspections, we find that they are not maintaining these standards, we place a violation. This is resolved through a personal call, an email and a follow-up inspection to make sure the issues are fixed.

These items are non-negotiable standards that ensure that everyone enjoys a home free from undue negligence or careless conditions.  Our goal is to make sure that tenants are provided with a quality living environment.   As our landlord, you will have properties that are maintained to a standard to sustain your property value and reduce maintenance costs.

Let us help you with your rental property safety issues.


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