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What is a studio apartment?

Studio apartments, also known as studio flats, contain a bedroom, living room, and kitchen all in one open space. There are no barrier walls in a studio apartment, requiring you to live, dine, and sleep in the same room. Depending on the size and layout of the space, a studio apartment can be quite spacious to live in. Some residents add dividers and curtains to create a sense of separation, while others fully embrace the open concept lifestyle. Studio apartments are a popular option for single renters who want to live on their own with a tight budget. To help you decide whether studio apartment living is right for you, we share both the advantages and disadvantages.

What are the pros?

Studio apartments typically cost less than the average one or two bedroom apartment, which is a great option for young people who want to live entirely independently for the first time. Rental experience expert Niccole Schreck says, “Moving into a studio apartment can be a great way to save money on rent without getting a roommate or settling for a less-than-desirable neighborhood.” In addition to more affordable rent, studio apartments will also likely have lower utility bills. Small units are more cost efficient to heat and cool, and the amount of needed lighting sources will be fewer with only one main room to illuminate. Furnishing a studio apartment is also cheaper than furnishing a typical apartment, since you only need to purchase a few items to fill up the smaller space. Cleaning and maintenance is also quite simple due to little room for extra clutter and only one main living area to deep clean. 

What are the cons?

While studio apartments are ideal for the single lifestyle, if you are married or have children, the lack of space might just drive you crazy. Without storage closets and spare bedrooms, living in a studio apartment can make you feel cramped and overwhelmed and may force you to part with some of your belongings. If you enjoy entertaining guests, you will also find some challenges in a studio apartment since your once private bedroom is now exposed as guests sit in the open living room. With a smaller space, finding functional furniture that will fit is also a challenge. Finally, though the low cost of utilities may sound appealing, when living in a studio apartment, you will have to carry your laundry back and forth from the communal laundry room or a public laundromat.



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