Paint Colors that Reduce Stress
In this hectic world, coming home to a relaxing home along the Grand Strand is increasingly essential to Tenants.  Choosing soothing paint colors helps your Tenant to renew their energy in a calm, peaceful environment.  The right wall paint color is an affordable strategy to help your annual rental property to stay rented.  The design colors you choose to do as much as anything to create the home atmosphere help reduce stress.  Using our recommendations also helps you mirror what new developer model homes in the Myrtle Beach area feature.

Recommended Colors:

As an annual rental property manager, I recommend painting your property in white or light shades of grey. In my experience, Tenants prefer these more neutral shades to work with their existing décor of furniture and accent furnishings.  Lighter colors help to make living spaces feel more spacious, especially when dealing with smaller rooms, especially areas that have minimal square footage.  Some people think that because we live in Myrtle Beach, the Caribbean color pallet would be preferable.  Not for a rental property!  Most people move here from somewhere else in the country.  They may want these colors eventually as part of their home, but it’s a bit too much for their first Horry County residence. A home serves as the center of our personal lives.  With our busy schedules, coming home should be relaxing and regenerating.  We recommend painting an annual rental every 5 to 7 years. A professional painter is a great advisor because they can recommend the most popular neutral interior colors. Staying current with tenant preferences is essential when you want your property to stand out and looking it’s best when it’s time to replace an annual rental tenant. We hope this helps in the decision process of updating your annual rental to get the most value for your property.  Please call us to help you initiate a soothing interior lifestyle for all of your rental properties.  We are experts in helping you as a landlord accomplish your financial goals of higher income, lower maintenance, and stable annual tenants.

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