Frequently Asked Questions

Can I do my own maintenance?

We not recommend doing your own maintenance. We will schedule all maintenance issues and inform you. Anytime the cost is over $200 we will request your permission before moving forward. If you want to do your own maintenance, we ask that you use a Home Warranty Company.

Can I see my property accounting online?

Yes! You will benefit from many technology advantages including real time access to your accounting. This includes the ability to pull dozens of reports to see how your property is doing and to see copies of any maintenance requests, etc. You can see when your tenant paid their rent the instant we post the payment.

Can you get my rental home ready to rent?

Don’t worry about getting your rental property perfect before asking the Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices – Coastal Real Estate to manage it. We can absolutely take your home in any condition and get it ready fast. We’ll tell you up front what needs to be done before we even start. Once we have your approval we will move forward and get it ready to market.

Do I approve maintenance work?

Maintenance requests are sent to Jen Assip via email in real time, when the tenant inputs it in the portal. She will then forward to you to approve or decline (if amount over $200) the work order. If you approve one of our professional staff members will carry out the request. You can also access your owner portal to view any work orders linked to your property. Repairs are paid for prior to disbursements being issued using the rent money collected on the 1st of the month. An invoice is uploaded to your owner portal so you will always have a record of work performed on your investment.

How do I get information on my rental property?

As soon as you sign up with us you will receive a link to your personal portal. You will have access to copies of all-important documents, including your Management Agreement, the current Lease, maintenance requests etc. online 24/7. If you need to talk to somebody after taking advantage of the wealth of information, we give you online, call or email us anytime. We are happy to help you with any questions you may have.

How do I pick the right Property Management Company?

Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Coastal Real Estate offers a slightly different lifestyle flavor to our clients and customers. Our portfolio of homes is from efficiency flats to upscale townhomes, luxury villas and single-family communities. As a property owner, you can focus on your life, not your properties. Our role is to make property ownership as effortless as possible. As a resident, we are here to assist in finding the home that best fits your needs and ensuring your home is properly maintained. We strive to provide both owners and tenants with sincere and progressive service.

How do you handle maintenance issues?

Whether it is your primary home or a rental, things do go wrong. The easiest way to lose a great tenant is to be careless with maintenance or let the property condition decline. We advocate being proactive with maintenance to keep the relationship with the tenant strong and to preserve the value of your investment. We offer a preventative maintenance program semi-annually to go in and evaluate for damage at a semi-annual fee of $50 to the homeowner unless damage is found. This aspect of your investment is critical that we strongly avoid cutting corners and going with the cheapest possible solution.

How fast will you get a great tenant for my rental property?

The fastest property to be leased in any neighborhood is almost always the best rental home for the best price. We will direct you on how to make your property the best, and how to price it to move. If you follow our lead your vacancies will be very short. If we are trying to rent a home that is in rough shape and overpriced be ready for a few extra mortgage payments.

How long does it take to get working on my home?

We can usually go from a phone call to a listed home within one week of receiving all paperwork and signatures from listing requirements. Online advertising usually starts within one business day of you submitting your property information.

How much am I investing in your property Management Company?

For the dedicated price shopper, few things will be more confusing than trying to find the cheapest possible Property Manager. The reason for the confusion is that many managers will pull you in with unbelievably cheap initial price that is loaded with hidden fees and a January 1 renewal that hits like a landmine.  At the Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices – Coastal Real Estate, we would rather disclose all fees upfront. Our fees are straight forward and easy to understand, but more importantly, honest disclosure. We expect our clients to know we need to make a fair profit and we don’t mind being open about how we do it.
● Monthly Management Fee – 10% of monthly rent
● Finder’s Fee – 100% of the first full month’s rent

How much rent can you get for my rental home?

 Rental rates fluctuate with neighborhoods, time of year and many other market conditions. What a house will rent for is entirely a function of the current market and your competition during this vacancy.  Unfortunately, it truly has nothing to do with your mortgage payment, what you rented the home for last time or anything else. Making sure you are priced to move without being too low will be part of the initial visit our Property Manager will make to the home.

What if a tenant needs to be evicted?

Very few tenants ever need to be evicted, but it does happen. We always start the process with the intent to get the home back as soon as legally possible. Along the way, we encourage the tenant to cure if we believe they will learn from the experience and stay current in the future. We handle the 10-day notice, required mailings and the legal document preparation. Once a judgment is secured a Sheriff’s Deputy will execute the “Writ of Eviction”. The tenant has 24 hours to vacate the property. When possible, we work with the tenant rather than evict them but we are committed to having your tenant on track and staying current or finding a new tenant who will.

What if there are problems with the tenant or property?

Being a real estate investor is a long-term commitment. If you follow the recommendations, we give you during your initial consultation. The good news is that the problems that can come up are predictable and easy to plan for. Part of our service is preparing you for those problems and making sure you know what to expect.

What makes you Myrtle Beach's choice for Property Management

The Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Coastal Real Estate Property Management staff  has accumulated extensive professional experience and industry accreditation in real estate investment and property management. Our Property Manager is always available for personal mentoring and answering your questions about real estate investing. You will enjoy a dedicated Property Manager. Our customer service staff is committed to quick response and making sure our clients are satisfied. You will gladly refer your friends to us.

What type of leases do you offer?

We only offer a standard lease that complies with all state and federal laws to include all Fair Housing Laws. Leases are generally 12 months or longer in length with the option to renew if the tenant qualifies.

What type of rental properties do you handle?

We are perfectly happy managing a wide variety of unfurnished, long-term annual rentals of single-family homes, condos, and townhomes.

What types of rental properties to you recommend?

There are literally hundreds of factors that impact the properties we recommend to our real estate investors clients. Overall, we focus on properties that will be held for long term growth in areas that have the strongest potential for maximum return on investment. The easiest homes to own and manage are the homes that attract the very best tenants in any given neighborhood.

When can I expect an owner check from BHHS Property Management

Broker shall send the landlord the proceeds collected from rental of the units, less the rental commission, maintenance fees, and any cost/expenses provided for in the Management Agreement. The parties agree that the broker will process funds within 24 hours after monies have cleared the BROKER’s bank account (should certified funds, cash or traveler’s checks no have been received), maintenance invoices and outstanding fees have been paid.

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