Pros and Cons of a Rental

Establish a Daily Routine

Cleaning a bathroom is a dreaded, but necessary task for all people. One way to make this chore less time-consuming is establishing small daily habits to keep the bathroom organized and clean. One simple task you can add to your routine is to wipe out your sink once a day. This could be after brushing your teeth either at night or in the morning. This will only take a few minutes, but it will keep a bathroom much cleaner.

Keep a Squeegee in the Shower

Keeping a squeegee in the shower is an easy way to maintain a dry and sanitary space. Showers come in contact with a good amount of moisture, and can therefore grow mold and experience effects from hard water. A squeegee can help to prevent the damage of moisture by helping to keep the area dry. By simply just using a squeegee to dry out the shower after every use, it will prevent a shower from growing mold or becoming unsanitary.

Take Out the Trash Often

Before you know it, the trash can in the bathroom will be overflowing onto the floor. It is important to keep the trash can in the bathroom consistently empty to prevent bad odors and clutter. This can be accomplished by establishing a schedule of which days you will empty the trash. This schedule could be anywhere from once a week to every day depending on personal preference and necessity.

Use Baskets Under Sinks

Baskets under a sink are a great way to keep all toiletry and bathroom items organized. Cabinets in a bathroom hold a wide variety of items and can become easily disorganized and cluttered. By having baskets in the cabinets, items can be organized by category to make them easily findable and accessible. Baskets will overall help keep a bathroom clutter-free and more organized.

Use Liquid Soap Instead of Bar Soap

For soap by the sink and in the shower, use liquid soap instead of bar soap. Bar soap holds moisture and can leave stains on the surface it sits on. These stains are unpleasant to look at and can be damaging to the bathroom. Liquid soap will not leave any stains and does not hold moisture. In addition to these benefits, liquid soap comes in a variety of bottles and colors that can be chosen to fit the decor of the bathroom.

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