Adding Value to Your Rental
February 23, 2021
Preparing Your Myrtle Beach Home for Rental Showings
Preparing Your Myrtle Beach Home for Rental Showings
March 2, 2021

Every relationship is ultimately built on trust.  The relationship between a landlord and tenant must be one where both parties’ values, understands that integrity and mutual respect is the basis for their future together.  Within the ever-expanding Myrtle Beach marketplace, developing new home opportunities between landlords and tenants is our constant process.  Blending relationships between new residents in Horry County and annual leasing property owners is our specialty.

A landlord has invested a lot of money to make a tenant home available.  Their greatest need is for the tenant to pay their agreed rent on time, treat the home and property as they would their own property, and work together to maintain it appropriately.

A tenant is paying the landlord a market value to live in a home that the landlord should maintain the homes physical appearance, mechanical systems and coordinates scheduled work on the house with the tenant, when it is needed.  They want to enjoy the property as their “home” and so they appreciate the landlord not being too involved in their daily life.  Quiet enjoyment is a legal term that basically means they don’t like being harassed by a micro-managing or nervous landlord.

Yard maintenance is always a sore spot for tenants and POA’s.  Tenants are rarely great landscape maintenance managers.  They may lack the equipment or time to do what is necessary to stay in appearance compliance.  We recommend the landlord include landscape maintenance with a professional lawn care company.  If you contract with one who already maintains yards in the neighborhood, you can probably provide this service for about $100 per month.  This is added value that the tenant will appreciate, and you will probably be able to adjust in your rental value to absorb most, if not all of the expense.  Finding ways to bridge natural challenges between a landlord and tenant builds trust and a more enjoyable relationship.

Trust is worth working toward for all parties.  Our role as a Property Manager is to remove the emotional aspect that often corrupts what should have been a good tenant and landlord experience. We use diplomacy and maintain a mission type focus on everyone’s common goal to enjoy life.   Our consistent, trust in all parties guides our property management efforts to ensure that our clients achieve that valued partnership.

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A tenant who trusts and respects their Landlord is more likely to take care of the property and communicate with you to resolve problems.  A tenant wants to be more than just another revenue stream.  The tenant is also more likely to work with you, even if it causes an inconvenience to them.

Ways to earn the trust of your tenant are don’t over charge for screening fees.  South Carolina does not have a set limit on the amount you can charge for screening a tenant.  Screening fees should not be a source of income.  The same applies to late fees.

Include yard maintenance in the rent.  Most prospects moving to Myrtle Beach have a full-time job lined up.  They are looking for a great place to live with minimal lawn maintenance.  It is proven that most people are so busy they do not have time for lawn maintenance.  Do you want to ensure your lawn is taken care on a regular basis?  Most lawn maintenance cost less than $100 a month.

Be respectful of tenants’ rights to the property, such as the right to peaceful enjoyment.  The Landlord covenants that the Tenant, on paying the rent and performing the covenants hereof, shall and may peaceably and quietly have, hold and enjoy the rented premises for the term mentioned without hindrance or interruption by the Landlord.

Earning a tenant’s trust shows that you value them.  Transparency and honesty go a long way.