Complete Fall Maintenance Checklist or Your Rental Property
Fall Maintenance on Rental Property

Fall is nearly in full swing, and we want to make sure your rental property is ready for a change in season! Compiled below is a checklist of the areas you should pay attention to when preparing your property for the cooler months and the continuing storm season along the Grand Strand.

  1. Inspect the roof and clean out gutters

Stop leaks before they happen by checking the roof for potential concerns; carefully search for holes or broken shingles. Before the autumn leaves start to fall, clean out the current leaves and twigs from your gutter to ensure it doesn’t become backed-up.

  1. Freshen up the landscaping

Rake dead leaves, trim grass, and supply surrounding plants with the necessary nutrients. Trim trees that are close to your property and make sure they are stable enough for a storm to blow through. If a tree close to the property is dead, consider removing it to make sure no future damage ensues. Don’t forget to check the drainage system in the yard and make improvements if necessary. Not only does a freshly manicured lawn look appealing, but it can also help save your home when a storm blows through. 

  1. Replace batteries and lightbulbs

To ensure your tenants stay safe, replace the smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector batteries, and test both to confirm that they are working properly. Remember that the batteries should be replaced every six months, and the detectors should be tested every month. To make sure your tenants stay happy and bright, replace lightbulbs as needed in both the interior and the exterior of the property.

  1. Seal everything

Check all doors and windows to ensure they are properly sealed from harsh wind and rain, and to save on heating and energy costs. If you find them less than satisfactory, seal concerning areas with caulking. In some cases, windows and doors may have to be entirely replaced. 

  1. Check and maintain HVAC system

To guarantee it works properly and lasts longer throughout the fall and winter months, perform routine maintenance on your property’s HVAC system. It is recommended to replace the filters every thirty to ninety days, clean the vents regularly, and clean the outdoor unit as well. Most importantly, before the cold becomes too brutal, make sure your heating system works.


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