Real Living Home Realty Group's Property Management Office based in Market Common

You have worked hard to own your real estate holdings; we work hard to make sure they provide you with the return on investment you deserve.

As our client, we want to demonstrate to you that our 5+ years of professional real estate experience will validate that your investment assets are being managed at the highest level. Dawn Swann is our Director of Property Management and her work ethic, attention to detail is critical to assuring you that every facet of your property’s management process will be successful. We invite you to allow us the privilege of having a conversation about how we could help grow your financial portfolio of real property assets.


You may have read our story and how it all began but Real Living Home Realty Group wouldn’t even exist with our two principals. Jim Parker and John Jobson have been partners for a very long time and they have accomplished a lot through the years. Read about them by clicking their profiles and you’ll be as impressed as we are. 

Jim Parker

President Broker-in-charge

John Jobson

Vice-President Broker

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our property owners and tenants with the highest quality property management services possible.

We will consistently provide our clients and customers with prompt follow up and communication, skilled qualification of tenants, time responsive and cost-effective property repair and timely income disbursement. We believe that your satisfaction is tied to our ability to reduce your ownership stress and provide you with the peace of mind you want form your next Property Management team.


Our Management team is the foundation of our company. They are the ones that make the company successful. So, let us get to know them! 

Dawn Swann

Director of Property Management

Megan Parker

Director of Media & Marketing

Charlie Miller

Director of Operations

Our passion

To improve the lives of people in the Myrtle Beach rental community one day at a time

Home is a powerful word. Helping people find the right home for their life to be enjoyed within is very gratifying to us. Helping people own residential property assets and manage them so they can build their financial wealth is just as rewarding. We believe what we do matters to the people we serve and that causes us to take pride in what we do, and how we choose to do it with excellence every day; for YOU!

Support Staff

Find out more about the team here at Real Living Home Realty Group so that they can help you. 

We have the solution to any problem and no stone is left unturned. 

Jen O'Leary

Executive Assistant

Rachel Ogg

Graphic Designer

Solange Edwards

Web Developer & Designer