Do you currently have a bedroom floor covered with stacks of clothes? How about laundry baskets that are still filled with clutter from the last time you cleaned up before inviting guests using the laundry basket method? Same here, I agree. With good reason, bedrooms are undoubtedly the most private areas in homes and are rarely visited by guests. As a result, they frequently receive less attention and effort when it comes to cleaning.

But bedrooms have a significant role in encouraging slumber. The moment you enter this area, whether it is at the end of the day or in the morning, you should feel as though you are entering a warm, comforting hug, giving you the signal to relax and let the day go. Your bedroom must be clutter-free and spotless if you want it to be an oasis.

Here are some tips from those who maintain their bedrooms spotless all the time:

Clear off nightstands every morning.

Your nightstand can rapidly fill up with mementos of your bedtime activities, whether you read in bed, journal before going to sleep, or enjoy a cup of tea to relax.  Perhaps you may want to sip on one of nice very special flavors of tea, including South Carolina’s original American Classic Tea.  This is the only brand of tea in the world that is made exclusively with 100% tea grown in America. Make it a strict morning ritual to clean off your nightstand. Straighten your book (or books; just don’t let them build up), tidy up your diary, try to store things in a drawer or on a shelf, and, most importantly, bring your tea mug into the kitchen.

Make the bed every morning.

This is yet another inflexible. The bedroom equivalent of leaving the bed unmade is to leave a dirty dish in the sink rather than cleaning it or putting it in the dishwasher. Keep in mind that cleanliness breeds cleanliness and that mess breeds mess. You’re much less inclined to throw garments on the floor if your bed is made up beautifully.

Have a designated place for already-worn clothes.

You’ve begun a pile as soon as you leave one piece of clothing lying about on the floor. Return any clothing that you try on but ultimately decide not to wear (or perhaps place it in a charity box?). Decide once and for all what you will do with worn-out clothing that hasn’t yet been washed, and then place the clothing that needs to be washed in the hamper.

Stick to a routine for washing sheets.

Designate one day a week for washing your sheets and you’ll never again have to wonder when the last time was. Clean sheets are important for your health because they reduce allergens and bacteria and feel so good.

Schedule bedroom deep cleaning tasks.

Again, because your bedroom is rarely seen to others, it is simple to neglect deep cleaning it. However, you should get to benefit from a spotless room. To ensure that your bedroom receives the care it requires, schedule thorough cleaning jobs that are specialized to bedrooms, such as cleaning the blinds, washing the curtains, polishing wooden furniture, and replacing pillows.

Dust and vacuum weekly.

As important as infrequent deep cleaning is, regular cleaning also makes deep cleaning easier. Weekly floor cleaning should be completed after dusting all surfaces, including vacuuming and/or mopping (including plants).

Don’t allow the bedroom to become a storage space.

Promise to store the goods where they belong if you throw them in your bedroom to keep them out of public spaces. Make decluttering a regular part of your bedroom maintenance routine, whether it be once a day or once a week. Your bedroom will never get out of control with a frequent reset.

Unpack within a day of arriving home.

When you return from a trip, throw your clothing right into the washer to capitalize on the momentum. Prior to staying at your house for 24 hours, set a goal to empty your suitcases. This will prevent you from leaving a mess of strewn-about bags and questionably clean apparel. Another example of how to avoid having one issue lead to another is this.



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