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6 Tips for Surviving a Stay with Family

Are you spending the holidays at someone else’s home this year? If so, you may be dreading sleeping on a lumpy pull-out bed or the countless hours of small talk with the in-laws. But staying at a family member or friend’s house doesn’t have to be that bad. In fact, we’ve put together six tips to help you survive the entirety of your stay (without going insane).

1. Break up the stay

hotel stay

Want to enjoy the holidays closely with family, but don’t want to have a bad backache the entirety of your trip? Consider splitting your overnight stays between family and a hotel or Airbnb closeby. Start off staying with family so you don’t miss those important holiday festivities and finish in a cozy hotel so you are well-rested for your travels back home.

2. Bring your own pillow

If you do stay your entire trip at a family member’s, you can alleviate some of that impending back and neck pain by bringing your own pillow. Experts agree that you can enjoy a better night’s sleep, simply by sleeping on your own pillow. Flying travelers who can’t bring their own should ask their host for an extra pillow or two for comfort.


3. Offer a host gift

host gift

While you may have some complaints about the stay, you should still be grateful for your hosts to invite you in during the holidays. What better way to express your gratitude than by bringing a thoughtful host gift. Ideas include a bottle of champagne or wine, breakfast pastries, their favorite snacks, or a delicious bag of coffee. In addition to a physical gift, bring your best self and give the gift of engaging conversation!

4. Layer up

Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to the warmth of a home, especially if you both live in strikingly different climates. Out of preparation for your hosts keeping the house either too toasty or quite chilling, pack clothing that you can layer. Consider bringing a bathrobe, a thin pair of long underwear, fuzzy socks, and a cardigan or sweatshirt in addition to your regular trip-taking attire.

packing clothing

5. Don't be afraid to ask

shower faucet

We’ve all experienced the dread of jumping in the shower to come face-to-face with a confusing and complicated faucet handle. Don’t be afraid to ask your hosts the ins and outs of the home during your stay! We promise, they don’t mind giving you the Wi-Fi password or telling you how to work the microwave.

6. Keep busy

Being around the same people 24/7 can make you go a little stir-crazy, and even the best host can’t prevent you from having cabin-fever during your stay. Ease your boredom by taking a daily walk or visiting attractions in the city you’re located. Even better, ask your host what you can do to help them out, whether that’s offering to run errands or helping with the housekeeping and cooking. End your stay by cleaning up after yourself (make those beds!) and thanking your family members or friends for allowing you to visit.

cooking with host



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