5 Things Everyone Should Clean in January

Everyone, happy January and welcome to the peak of the cold and flu season! The gloomy January days are the ideal time to clean your house because Covid is still around, and other infections have crept in. You may then start the new year clean and new.

After holiday parties, January is a fantastic time to deep clean. This will prevent you from having to search for a hidden champagne glass beneath a table three months later as in previous years. A house cleaning expert discussed the finest items to clean in January.
What she said was as follows. “Bid farewell to the holidays!”
The parties are over, the revelers went home, and the holiday decorations are starting to droop. Take this opportunity to clean all your holiday swag and stash it away for next year.
According to Jennifer Rodriguez of ProHousekeepers, “January is the time to pick up and organize Christmas decorative objects in preparation for a new year cleaning.” Wash any pillows, throws, or other soft goods you have for the holidays that can be washed by hand or machine.

Thoroughly clean the bathroom

The bathroom needs a thorough cleaning as well. After all, it is flu season, and over the holidays, the bathroom was probably one of your house’s most frequently visited rooms.

For toilets, I suggest Microban, and for bathtubs, showers, and sinks, I suggest Clorox bathroom cleaning. “Microban says that for 24 hours following application, their solution keeps surfaces clean.”

Put away gifts (and declutter)

Another recommendation? To reduce clutter, make sure you’ve stored all your holiday presents. If you received brand-new clothing as a present, think about giving similar items that you no longer wear.

Tackle hard surfaces

Clean and sanitize all the hard surfaces in your home and other public areas to start the new year off right. Consider items such as countertops, tables, doorknobs, computers, faucets, and even items you might not think of, such as cell phones and laptops.

Some germs can remain on these items and the likelihood that you will become ill increases if someone in your immediate vicinity coughs or sneezed and subsequently touched anything.

Do annual maintenance tasks

Every home needs maintenance work done at the beginning of the year. Because you won’t forget to do it, the timing is very wise. A fresh start and maintenance updates. In addition to inspecting your HVAC system’s filters for potential cleaning or replacement, Rodriguez advises checking your water filters to determine if they need to be changed. Additionally, pay attention to any dirty electronics, windowsills, curtains, and dryer vents, as well as fridge problems.

After the holidays, “[these items] are typically disregarded since everyone is focused on their New Year’s resolutions and starting work again,” according to Rodriguez. Start the new year off properly by maintaining a clean and healthy house and avoiding illness.



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